Studio Sova #20 :: Above Below Takeover

For Studio Sova #20 we have Daniel from Above Below taking over the controls!

Daniel is one of the founders of Above Below and we are happy to have him representing the various flavours of the festival during the first Studio Sova stream of 2022. Using sound that organically shifts from ambient to downtempo and through to dubbed out house and techno, he paints a picture that encapsulates the mood of Above Below. As the event continues the emotive and expressive undertones will become apparent as they begin to sway you.

The festival itself is an intimate community experience hosting a carefully curated line-up made up of UK-based and international underground artists including Antepop, Farazdeck, Orion, Primal Code and 2DeepSoul as well as some of Sova Audio regulars including Ario, Nathalia, o.utlier and Avsluta.

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