Spatial Audio

Create engaging, inspiring and entertaining events.
Immerse your audiences in multi-dimensional sound fields with object-based spatial audio.

Unlimited design capabilities

Our immersive sound systems are designed to bring sonic experiences in all of the three-dimensional plains:
the azimuth or horizontal angle; the zenith or vertical angle; and the distance (for static sounds) or velocity (for moving sounds).

(Horizontal angle)

(Vertical Angle)

(Static Sounds)

(Moving sounds)


360o setups allow audio content to be positioned and moved in a two- dimensional axis, surrounding the listener in the horizontal plane.


Overhead sound objects and effects compliment 360o systems and extend the audio experience further, adding a third dimension.

Horizontal arrays

Ideally suited for concerts and object-based mixing horizontal configurations deliver greater clarity and detail to the audience.

Take your project anywhere

Sound objects and audio channels are controlled independently from the speaker layout, providing event producers and artists with the flexibility to adapt existing projects to fit various system configurations and budgets. Each solution is scalable according to the venue size.


Use the movement of people and objects to trigger sounds or control the spatial placement of audio.


Choose from a range of pressure sensitive pads, wall panels, touch screens or custom build solutions.


Real-time show control data can trigger other media such as lighting or video servers.


We can develop a fully custom solution to meet the needs of your application

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