Studio Sova #5 :: Ben Boe

We first heard about Boe in 2008, after a UK based label with that name released a three-track EP by our friend KiNK (who at the time was not topping the RA charts). We started following Boe Recordings and thanks to that label we got introduced to more brilliant artists such as Leif and Kris Wadsworth, to name a few.

Twelve years later Sova Audio's HQ neighbours Boe Recordings (actually it's sub-label heir For those that Knoe). It somehow feels natural to welcome its head honcho, the DJ and producer who's responsible for quite a few records on our shelf - Ben Parkinson aka Ben Boe.

As per Ben's request, the event was a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Ubele - an organisation whose mission is to help build more sustainable communities across the UK.