Date: 23.02.2019

Project Immerse(d) is a global series of events that brings together artists, scientists, practitioners and technologists to explore how deep immersive music can optimally impact us, individually and collectively. Sova Audio is the audio partner of the London edition of the event.

Highlights of the day:

  • Sound system culture (panel talk)
  • The possibilities and the future of immersive technology and arts (panel talk)
  • Live heart rate experiment showing the potential impact and benefits of using sound to improve health and mindfulness (Tom Middleton)
  • Daedelus - Los Angeles, Ninja Tune - (music performance)
  • Human Instrument Project - Montreal (audio-visual performance)
  • Physical sound experiences using SUBPAC wearable technology and an immersive Funktion One sound system courtesy of Sova Audio.

Technical information:

  • 8-point Funktion One system, arranged in a perfect octagon shape, surrounding the audience in 360º.
  • TiMax Soundhub processor for routing and spatial control
  • Midas M32R - audio control  
  • Multichannel Linea Research DSP amplifiers via DANTE technology
  • All the TiMax pans and spatial effects were programmed and exported to an iPad for wireless control and ease of use.
  • 48 x SUBPAC - controlled via a radio transmitter