Sound II Light - Spatial Sound Event

Date: Friday 24th — Saturday 25th March 2023

Address:, 258 Church Rd, Leyton, London, E10 7JQ

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Immersive audio specialists, Sova Audio, are excited to present Sound II Light - a two-day event dedicated to spatial sound taking place at the Leyton-based creative community space Patchworks on March 24th & 25th 2023. Organised by Sova Labs - the social impact division of Sova Audio, that focuses on creating and delivering educational and cultural activities in sound. With the kind support of Waltham Forest Council Arts & Culture ‘Make It Happen’ grant.

The event will feature live music designed especially for performance on the immersive, 12-point Funktion-One sound system, as well as workshops, panel discussions and a site-specific A/V installation exploring the possibilities spatial sound has to offer.

The artists performing at this event have residency days at Sova Audio Studio to work on their pieces on a 12.4 sound system mirroring the setup that will be present at Patchworks.

Spatial sound mimics the way we hear sound in our everyday experience - it swells and shrinks, moves around us. Sounds don't come from one unique source, we are always surrounded by them as they go about their complex co-existence. At Sova Audio, we nurture a fascination with spatial sound and we want to share with you what we have learned so far through an event packed with live performances, audio-visual installations and talks offering various perspectives of spatial sound as a powerful creative medium.

Today, with rapid technological progress in the realm of sound, we are entering an era that allows us to create spatial sonic experiences that far transcend the possibilities of stereo sound and open up a whole new field of creative enquiry.

“Spatial audio allows artists to create works that draw the listener inside the piece. In this sense, you are not only a passive observer but you become a part of this sonic world as you move and interact with it in space. Speakers become instruments, sculpting the sound, advancing the experience to be as vivid as it is in real life.”  — Tzveti Tzerovska (Sova Audio Co-Founder) 

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Day 1, Friday 24.03, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM — AV installation and evening concert

Nexciya is an African-American/French experimental musician based between London and Paris. Working with found sound, he weaves together harsh sound design, swooping soundscapes, textures and rhythms into a sonic output that bridges a variety of moods, emotions and places. His productions appear on Café OTO’s Takuroku & ALIEN JAMS. Performances include the Barbican Centre, Café OTO, Primavera Sound, I K L E C T I K & more. 

mu tatea project of Latvia-born London-based sound artist and musician Artur Strekalov, exists on the glitchy dubbed-out fringes of ambient and downtempo. With releases on the well-respected labels including 3XL (aka Experiences Ltd.), Utter and Edited Arts under his belt as well as a rich library of self-released titles, his sound is well established, painting psychedelic and vaporous afterimages of club music lingering in a post-party etherglow. 

The evening will also feature a set from London-based DJ Sybil, the mind behind the wonderful “Deep Mind Mix Series”, known for their spellbinding trance and ambient selections. Auratekh will be providing their trademark mesmerising visuals, improvised live in reaction to the music.

Day 2, Saturday 25.03, 01:00 PM - 11:00 PM — AV installation, workshop, panel discussion and evening concert

Workshop 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

The workshop will explore in depth creative strategies of using spatial sound as an integral extension of one’s creative practice and will give an introductory insight into the basic tools, setup and workflow within Ableton. It will be led by Lucie Stepankova & Christian Duka. 

Lucie Štěpánková, aka Avsluta is a sound artist, curator, educator and DJ. She dedicates her creative practice to object-oriented improvisation, live performance and interactive installation. Lucie runs Introspective Electronics, a platform featuring regular radio shows and podcast series. She co-curates Terra Obcura with the London-based DJ and producer Alicia and SONIC GARDEN in collaboration with Christian Duka and IKLECTIK.

Christian Duka is an electronic musician, sound artist/designer, immersive audio specialist and higher education lecturer. In 2019 he founded AMOENUS, an immersive art organisation that supports the development of immersive audio in the arts via R&Ds, events and workshops, most recently in collaboration with IKLECTIK.

Due to the nature of the workshop, the capacity is limited. Ticket-holders interested in taking part need to drop us an email with their full name at quoting "Spatial Sound Workshop" in the subject.

Panel Talk 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

The panellists will be invited to engage in a dialogue about spatial audio in the context of contemporary music & arts culture. Central to the discussion is the rise of spatial audio in the public consciousness and the ever-growing sense of curiosity around the media. Why do we care about spatial audio? Each panellist will share a piece on the spatial audio set-up.

Moderated by John Wynne ( sound artist, an Emeritus Professor of Sound Art at UAL)

Panellists:Tony Andrews (Funktion One); Dave Haydon (TiMax), Dr Aki Pasoulas (Composer and Academic); Georgina Brett (Classical musician and Immersive sound artist); Lucie Stepankova and Chrisitian Duka.

In Concert 08:00 PM till close

Julian Sartorius (drums) + Dan Nicholls (keyboards) + Lou Zon (video)

Saturday will feature a performance from three of the most exciting creatives working in London currently. Dan Nicholls, co-creator of Free Movements collective and live electronics mastermind; virtuosic percussionist and artist Julian Sartorius; and Lou Zon, who will be bringing their sonic exchanges into the visual world. Fresh from a residency performing and collecting sounds within glacier riverbeds and mountain forests, these three close friends will no doubt create something truly special for the immersive system.   

A/V Installation 24th — 25th March: "Organic Mechanics"

Organic Mechanics is a mixed media installation created by artists Hannah Brown & Nicole Gordon. The installation explores the fascinating parallels between natural organisms and man-made machinery, igniting curiosity in the complex relationships that exist between humanity, technology, and the natural world. The artists have focused on the growth of fungal systems and mycelial networks, translating hand-drawn images into immersive laser projections that slowly evolve and transform over time. Like a modern-day computer, the underground networks of mycelial roots that connect vast fungal communities use the exchange of information in feedback loops to perform their own function.

The installation is accompanied by an eight-minute soundscape created by rRoxymore, blurring the lines between electronic and organic sounds with the use of spatial audio technology. Based on her latest album Perpetual Now, rRoxymore's soundscape takes visitors on a journey through tempo, texture, and emotion.

Visitors are encouraged to reflect on the contrasting features of the natural and the inorganic and to ponder questions such as: Why do both natural organisms and machines rely on interconnected systems and processes to function? And How do they differ in their ability to adapt and evolve over time?

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Organized by Sova Labs - the social impact division of Sova Audio, that focuses on creating and delivering educational and cultural activities in sound. With the kind support of Waltham Forest.

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