Superstereo Phantom Valve DN78 II 2 Channel Rotary Valve DJ Mixer


The New improved DN78 II Phantom Valve is a 2 channel desktop analogue rotary DJ mixer featuring 2 x high quality phono inputs, 2 x line inputs, 2 x 2 studio grade sound card, stereo effects send and returns, one mono mic channel and features rotary faders and a rotary cross-fader. It also has a high quality valve stage to give it a truly studio quality sound, adding real warm and depth

The DN78 II Features:
We have used design principles found in the best studio and audiophile grade hi- to create a unique sounding mixer, which uses a combination of high quality op-amps, audio grade capacitors and quality audio faders, unlike the majority of standard DJ mixers.
Each of the channels is equipped with a standard 3 band baxandall type eq with between -18db and +12db of gain at specially selected musical frequency's.
The DN78 is also equipped with an isolator on the output giving +8db of boost and total cut of three carefully selected frequency's, with a wide 'Q' range .
Uniquely offered on our rotary mixer is a high quality 2 stage Phono pre-amp with capacitance loading switches for cartridge alignment. Also a 32bit/192kHz four channel sound card built in to the DN78 The sound card uses a USB interface found in the best converters in the world and the latest delta sigma over-sampling DAC's to give true studio quality playback from most popular DJ software platforms on both MAC and PC.

Dn78 Specifications
*  PHONO STAGE: RIAA 47k ohm, S/N 90 dB 3 to 100mV. Moving Magnetic pick up.

* 100, 220, 330 & 470 pf switchable loading. Standard RIAA curve +/-0.2db. Switchable to line inputs. 

* LINE IN: >47k ohm -10 to +15dBu. S/N 110dB 

* USB AUDIO: 32 bit up to 192khz. 2 x 2 In. S/N <112 dB D/R. Win & Mac OSx - Plug and Play for Mac 

* MIC INPUT: >600 ohm, -47dB to -10dB. Gain +60dB 

* MIX OUT: (XLR) Servo Balanced XLR male >600 ohm +4dBu. 

* BOOTH OUT: (XLR) Servo Balanced XLR male >600 ohm +4dBu 

* MIX OUT & BOOTH OUT: Unbalanced, RCA. 0dB 47 ohm 

* MAX OUTPUT LEVEL: (XLR) Booth and Master. +24dB. Before clipping 

* MAX OUTPUT LEVEL: (RCA) Booth and Master. +20dB. Before clipping 

* EFFECTS SEND: 47K ohm, +18dB. Stereo TRS, Tip L, Ring R. 

* EFFECTS RETURN: 47K ohm, -20dB to +20dB. Stereo TRS. Tip L, ring R. 

* ISOLATOR: LOW 0-280Hz, MID 260Hz – 2K, HIGH 2K – 20k (12db/octave) -inf. to +8dB. Flat at centre/Bypass 

* FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 4Hz – 28kHz +/- 1db 

* 3-band baxandall EQ per channel: Bass 180hz -18db to +10dB, Mid 900hz +/-12dB, Top 5khz +/-12db 

* CHANNEL GAIN: -10db to +6db Gain trim. 

* HEADROOM: +28dB. NOISE: -88dB Ave. 

* Distortion < 0.02% THD+noise @1kHz @ +20db (Bypass) 0.25% Valve 

* Crosstalk < -90dB between channels 1& 2 

* Channel separation > -85db. Signal to Noise ratio > 95db 

* Headphone Amp: 500mw into16 ohm. 30 - 120 ohm recommended

* Channel meters, peak reading 5 LED -18, -10, -4, 0, +4db 

* Main Meters PPM/VU -20dB to +9dB. LED CLIP: +12 db 

* Record out mini jack - 0db impedance 47k - Direct valve, fixed output. 

* AC mains 110 and 240V AC @ 50-60hz. Consumption 28W max 

* Fuse rating 100-250v T600maMains In, 3 pin T5 cable earthed. 

* VALVE: JRP 5760/ 396a / 2c51 dual triode, triple silver mica. recommended change every 8000 - 12000 hours

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