High-fidelity Funktion One home system - a dream come true

Funktion One sound has the clarity, impact and fullness to connect with the listener on a deeper level. Most of us first experience its unmistakable sonic qualities at a festival, gig or club night. From that day on, the dream of owning your own Funktion One sound system starts to grow. Imagine experiencing those audio dynamics in your own living room! If owning a Funktion One home system sounds like a dream you’d like to turn into a reality, you may want to read on.

The Funktion One name is more than a badge on a loudspeaker, it represents a statement of quality. Every Funktion One speaker is designed and built in the UK by an extremely dedicated team. Large format speakers like Evo, Vero and F-Series bass may grab the headlines, but every Funktion One home system carries the same sonic signature as these big brothers. This extraordinary feat is achieved by dedicating significant time and resources to research and development.


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Every Funktion One loudspeaker meets the meticulous standards set by Tony Andrews and the design team. This is excellent news for the dreamers because it is now possible to have a Funktion One home system at a fraction of the price of large format rigs.

Micro Funktion One Home System - F5 and SB8 

This Funktion One home system features an SB8 with two F5s, and provides signature Funktion-One sound in the smallest available size. It is ideal for small house parties for around 20 people, home studio, DJ monitoring and home cinema, and delivers the unmistakable sonic impact we love. The SB8 bass speaker is extremely compact in size, but packs incredible punch and fidelity. While the F5 speakers offer unprecedented sound quality and output for such a small speaker.

Funktion One F55 and MB112 Home System

Two F55s and an MB112 combine to offer wide mid/high coverage and infrabass technology. This Funktion One home system is designed for wider spaces, including living room setups, home studio, DJ monitoring, small parties and live acoustic performances.  The F55’s 90-degree dispersion ensures clarity and impact, while the MB112’s infrabass technology delivers signature Funktion-One low frequencies. 

Funktion One F81 and Microbass 210 Home System

The Microbass 210 bass speaker with two F81 speakers offers Funktion One sound for a range of home applications. This includes parties for around 30 people, home studio, DJ monitoring and home cinema. Its compact size, including the low-profile bass, means this system will work in most environments. Despite its small footprint, this setup is very capable, as it offers a combination of infrabass technology with the F81’s outstanding definition and intelligibility.

Funktion One F101 and MB212 Home System

The MB212 and F101 sound system is ideal for mid-size home audio applications, including parties for around 50 people, acoustic performances, home studio, DJ monitoring and home cinema. This system offers unmistakable sonic qualities in a compact package. The MB212 features infrabass technology for smooth, deep and impactful low frequencies. In combination with the F101’s class-leading even coverage and intelligibility, this sound system is a must for audio enthusiasts.   

Funktion One PSM318 Sound System

Described by Carl Cox as the best monitors he’s ever worked on, the PSM318 has serious capabilities. Not only for DJ monitoring but for a wide range of applications. With its modular design, the mid/high section can be detached from the bass and pole-mounted to create a PA-style configuration. This stereo system delivers world-class sound to home environments, including small parties, live performances, DJ monitoring or PA, and home studio.

Each of these systems has a recommended amplifier and can be supplied with cables. We also stock a range of audio sources, including DJ equipment and mixing consoles. Our Funktion-One sound systems are available on finance.