Studio Sova #12 :: Jane Fitz :: Hanzo :: vvvlad

September 2020 marked Sova Audio’s 4th birthday. While we might not have been able to celebrate with the rowdy ensemble of friends and family we might have hoped for, it did give us an excuse to lure someone rather special down to Studio Sova: international club hero, general good vibe curator, and close personal friend, Jane Fitz.

Jane is one of the family. In fact, she was there when there wasn't even a family to speak of, having known George and Tzveti for years before they founded the sparkling, multifaceted universe we now call Sova Audio. She’s been an ever-present on the journey since then, providing laughter and impeccable tunes through all the ups, downs and middles, so it felt more than fitting that she should be there to usher Sova into its 5th year.

Even setting aside this intimate link to Sova’s origin though, there are few better people you could hope to have soundtracked a birthday knees-up than Jane. Her poise and energy among the higher BPMs have seen her grace pretty much every dingy basement or warehouse worth your sweat, but it’s when the sets get longer and the grooves get weirder that her singular taste is allowed proper room to breath. Whether journeying through rippling new age vistas, acid-laced wormholes or chasms of low-frequency pressure, the care and thought with which she plucks each record is palpable, and the excitement with which you await the next one grows and grows.

Clearly then, a measly couple of hours was never going to suffice for Jane’s Studio Sova debut. As she told us when we first reached out, she was only going to come down for a ‘monster stream’. So that’s what we offered: 8 glorious hours for her to work her magic in, complemented with mind-spiralling live visuals from vvvlad and Hanzo throughout. Taking a poignant Bulgarian folk record as its starting point, Jane’s set plots a path through nebulous nether regions of ambient, tribal dub and slo-mo goa trance, before ramping up to a stomping finish that will have you reaching for the club listings and counting down the days til they open.

Clear your schedule and settle in. The chance to hear a selector of Jane Fitz’s calibre dig this deep into their record bag doesn’t come along too often.