SKYGGE - Immersive listening and AI for music composition

This October saw Sova Audio partner with French artist Benoit Carré for the launch of a new EP from SKYGGE, a collaborative AI project in which Carré composes music using the ‘Flow Machines’ software. For his latest release, The American Folk Songs EP, he first provided the program with a number of traditional folk ballads, such as ‘Black Is The Colour’ and ‘Amazing Grace’. He then fed in other musical pieces - ranging from choral compositions from Henry Purcell to Bossa Nova style string arrangements - and tasked the program with creating new harmonisations and melodies between these different sources. 

After explaining how the EP was made, Carré performed the release in its entirety, with live vocals and violin provided by Kyrie Kristmanson and an immersive four-point Funktion One setup curated by Sova Audio. You can see a video showing parts of the stunning performance below, along with a more detailed description of the methodology behind the release. You can also find a more in-depth analysis of the performance and project on our blog.