Funktion-One release a new generation of Compact Range loudspeakers.

Funktion-One has unveiled the newest generation of their Compact Range, developing further on the manufacturer’s mission of delivering Funktion-One quality sound in a format suitable for domestic or small-scale applications. Watch the video below to hear how the Funktion-One design philosophy is carried forward in this new range.


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Mid/high Speakers

First taking a look at the versatile mid/high models, utilising enhancements in high frequency driver technology and new porting techniques; the F5.2, F81.2, F101.2 and F1201.2. 

At the smallest end of the scale, the F5.2 features a new port design which does an amazing job of cleaning up the lower end of the register, and really becomes noticeable hearing the clarity of the voice fundamental. Its size lends itself to a huge amount of usability, whether that’s for your home-studio or DJ set-up, or for filling in gaps in live sound applications.

Here at Sova, we’re constantly utilising the F81 for a wide variety of situations, and are constantly impressed by its versatility. It benefits from superb integration of the 8” and 1” drivers, contributing to a totally flat sound, which makes it an ideal candidate for a Hi-Fi set up or for studio monitoring.

The F101.2 shares the clarity of the F81, but perfect for when you need a bit more level. This formidable speaker can get just as loud as a lot of 12” speakers out there. Finally, the F1201.2 is the speaker that has possibly benefited the most from the new porting techniques showcased in this new range, and has really given this model that “sharp-edge”. The low-frequency response has been further improved upon, and really allows it to be used as a standalone speaker for a wide variety of applications.

 These outstanding compact speakers continue to carry Funktion-One’s unmistakable sonic signature, utilising a paper cone mid-range driver that handles a wide bandwidth, contributing to the natural sound that we have come to love from Funktion-One products. The manufacturer’s philosophy for the Compact Range includes not trying to get a small speaker to handle low frequencies, and instead really focus on the mid-range and upper bass.                                                                                                    

Subwoofers: Active Or Passive Available

This leads us to the SB8 and SB10, both focused on providing those low frequencies, and designed to pair with speakers from the aforementioned mid-high range. These subwoofers are also available as active units, with two extra channels capable of powering two satellite speakers. They focus on providing a dynamic and punchy low end, perfectly complementing the mid-range clarity and definition of the tops; a compact full-range system.

Practical And Versatile

A hugely useful development for sound-engineers and installers is the inclusion of both NL4 and Phoenix connectors. Those that have used the compact range in the past will also be happy to hear that their Yokes and wall brackets will also still fit the new range.

In the words of technical design engineer James Hipperson, this new range contains “loads of small improvements that come together and bring everything up to the next level.” Get in touch with us at for purchases, hires or installations. 0% finance available.

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